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Mobile Personal Trainer

Join Inspiring Fitness As A Self Employed Personal Trainer

And Earn Up To £500-£1000 per Week

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What We Do

Want to Be A Consistently Busy Mobile Personal Trainer?

 We Can Help You Make That Happen!


At Inspiring Fitness we know we're different, why? Because for over 15 years we have been dedicated to providing all the support needed to ensure

Self Employed Personal Trainers have the best opportunity to be successful.

Proven Personal Training


With over 15 years of experience 

of supporting self employed personal trainers to get busy, stay busy and become successfully independent.


Client Referrals

We guarantee 50-100 new client

referrals for all the personal trainers

we work with across the UK.



A team of dedicated fitness

professionals who are on hand

to help you every step of the way.

"Before joining Inspiring Fitness I was at a loss as to how to get clients. I now get clients from Inspiring Fitness alongside the strategies that I implement to generate my own clients directly. I now have a healthy client base with a number of 'long-term' clients"

Michelle Day


Gain More Clients As A Self Employed Mobile Personal Trainer

•  £30-£60 per Mobile Personal Training Session.

• Consistently Earn £500-£1000 Every Week.

• Have The Flexibility To Grow Your Mobile Client Base

   Part Time, Full Time & Alongside Existing Employment.

“With Inspiring Fitness I was operating at full capacity within months. The excellent support in place meant that there is always someone to turn to when I need advice. Leaving a full time job and pursuing a career in personal training was a decision I took very seriously. Inspiring Fitness have provided everything I needed to make a secure and successful transition to self employment”

Mike Radford

How Much Can I Earn From

Mobile Personal Training?

Most personal trainers we support have the capacity to provide

10-25 Mobile PT sessions per week dependent on if they operate their Personal Training full or part time. Therefore an earnings of £500-£1000 per week is the typical goal for most PT’s

"After a couple of years working in a corporate gym, while continuing with my full time job, I decided that I really wanted to make exercise my career. I knew how difficult being a self employed personal trainer was, so decided to look for some support and Inspiring Fitness leapt out at me. The start-up training, new client referrals and on-going mentorship provided is so comprehensive. It combines providing me with clients as well as real business and personal trainer support. I achieved my Personal Training goals far faster than I’d have managed on my own and have gone onto to become completely independent – Thank you Inspiring Fitness for all the support”

Paul Boorman

Guaranteed Client Referrals

Inspiring Fitness has become a trusted Personal Training brand throughout the UK for both Clients and Personal Trainers alike.


We guarantee that taking up a Self Employed position with Inspiring Fitness will result in

50-100+ New Client Referrals within your 1st year.

I have had a great experience with Inspiring Fitness and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. The new client referrals helped me get busy early on and the ongoing mentorship helped me become independent to the point that I can now operate with the confidence of a full client base. I would highly recommend Inspiring Fitness to anyone wanting to get started with mobile personal training and self employment.

Caro Pemberton

Personal Support, Powerful Benefits

Gain New Clients

Every Month 

Get Busy

Stay Busy

Perform An Average Of

15-20 PT Sessions Per Week.

Become Independent

Earn £500-1000 Per Week As A

Self Employed Personal Trainer.

​ "I joined Inspiring Fitness because I wanted to work as a self employed personal trainer.

I loved the support I received and flow of new clients. I reached my 12 month goals within

6 months and have a thriving personal training client base. ”
Yvonne Chideya

Do You Want To Become A Successful Mobile Personal Trainer?

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There Is A Position Available In Your Local Area.


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